Ember & Eagle

We are a team of seasoned, passionate professionals with a portfolio of renowned venues to our credit.  A Chef, a Sommelier, an Events Extraordinaire, an Operations Genius, but above all else, a group of Friends.  All while still helming our prestigious properties, “Battello” and “Kitchen Step” in Jersey City, we’ve decided to expand our talents to Monmouth County.  Through a partnership with the Martelli Family, we’ve assumed the responsibility of all Food and Beverage operations at the prestigious Suneagles Golf Course in Eatontown, NJ.  A massive renovation has given us a truly magnificent pallet to showcase our exquisite cuisine and spectacular events
While our Banquet Facility (Tillinghouse) is now complete, and the Suneagles Clubhouse nearing completion, our steakhouse restaurant (Ember and Eagle) is still about a year out.  Not ones for waiting, we decided to open a Pop-Up version of Ember and Eagle within one of our stunning event spaces within Tillinghouse.  Please come and experience the new star on the Monmouth County dining scene and allow us to impress you.